Female Fiancées' Fun

It was early morning and Ukyou was busy in the back of the "Ucchan's" restaurant when a knock came at the door.

"We're closed," called Ukyou, "Please come back later."

"Ukyou, please! Let me in; I need your help."

Ukyou frowned. That voice... Oh, yes, that was Akane's voice. What would she want Ukyou's help for, of all things?

Outside, Akane shifted from one foot to the other. The door half opened and Ukyou peered out.

"Akane, what is it?"

"Ukyou!" Akane was relieved. "Please let me in. I have a problem."

Ukyou hesitated for a moment, but then decided that Akane wouldn't come to her if it wasn't something really important. So she opened the door completely and stepped aside for Akane who rushed in and closed the door hurriedly. She seemed a little out of breath.

"What happened?" asked Ukyou

Akane leaned against the door with her back. "Shampoo attacked this morning. She tried some kind of 'passion spice' again."

"Uh oh! And Ran-chan is..."

"No, he's fine... I ingested the stuff!"

Ukyou's hand flew to her mouth. "Oh dear! And now you're in love with Ran-chan? Or someone else?"

Akane blushed. "Err, It was apparently more of a 'lust' herb..."

She grabbed Ukyou's hands. "Ukyou, I'm getting hornier by the minute! You've got to hold me back when I lose all control!"

Ukyou freed her hand and scratched her head. "I guess I could help you, but why did you come to me?"

"You're the only girl I know with enough fighting experience to stop me if I try anything... stupid. And I obviously couldn't ask a boy."

Ukyou covered her mouth again. "Eeep, no! Of course." She frowned for a moment thinking, then said "Akane, I've got to open in half an hour and Konatsu will be here soon. I could put you into the storage room. It has got strong walls and can be locked. That way I can keep an eye on you while doing business."

Akane nodded in acknowledgement. "But you'd better keep me in there. We both have an interest to keep me away from Ranma in this state."

Ukyou hadn't thought of it that way. Now that Akane had mentioned it, she would make sure that Akane wouldn't escape.

The store room was a chamber with stone walls that contained crates and sacks of ingredients for Ukyou's okonomyaki. The door had a bar and padlock on the outside. Ukyou smiled when they went in. She saw Akane take note of the bar.

"It's almost as if it was built to imprison people, eh?"

Akane laughed nervously. "It'd better be." Her breathing was ragged already. "Thanks for doing this for me, Ukyou."

"I believe in fair play. And I think you'd do the same for me."

She smiled and went out, locking the door.

<And you were quite right when you said we both have an interest in keeping you away from Ran-chan>, she thought.

Ukyou continued preparing the restaurant for today's business, all the time listening for escape attempts from Akane. But the storage room was quiet.

Konatsu arrived and the two opened "Ucchan's" for business.

<This is going over easily enough>, Ukyou thought standing behind her griddle preparing the ordered okonomyaki for the customers. Exactly in that moment she heard a noise from the back. It sounded like a crate falling over.

<I should have known that nothing is ever this easy>, she thought and grabbed her fighting spatula on the way back.

She peeped in through the small window in the door and saw what had happened. Akane was lying on the floor, her skirt hitched up and her panties removed. She was frantically masturbating, her fingers making wet noises that Ukyou could hear by the door. Behind Akane was the crate that Ukyou had heard fall, lying on its side. Apparently Akane had rested against it and pushed it over in the throes of passion.

Ukyou shook her head. <Oh my! That stuff is pretty potent. Is that Shampoo insane? If Ranma had eaten what Akane did, there would be no stopping him.> She wrenched her eyes from the erotic sight Akane was displaying and went back to work.

Back in front again Ukyou made sure that there was always something sizzling on the grill to cover up any moans escaping from the back room.


Everything went well for the next three hours. Ukyou regularly checked on Akane, hoping that the effect would let up soon, but there was no sign of it. She had to admire Akane's energy and acrobatic prowess, though. <I'm beginning to see what Ranma sees in her - she is cute, sexy even, when she allows herself to let go...>

It was after these three hours that Konatsu approached her.

"Ukyou-sama, we seem to be out of flour and the yakisoba are running out, too. I'll go get more from the storage room, shall I?"

Ukyou's gaze jerked up from the grill. She had only been half listening until the last sentence alarmed her.

"No! Err, I mean: you wait on the customers - I'll get the flour."

Konatsu shrugged. He was used to hard work, but If Ukyou wanted it this way...

<Idiot>, Ukyou scolded herself. <Should have thought of checking whether we need something from the store room before I put her in.>

She looked in through the window. Akane was almost completely naked now and covered in sweat. She was still masturbating with what appeared to be a wooden dildo. <Where did she get that?> Ukyou wondered.

Carefully, her eyes on the moaning and pumping Akane, Ukyou opened the door. There was no reaction from Akane, who seemed to be absorbed with what she did. Ukyou silently went over to the flour sacks.

On her way there she found out where Akane's wooden helper came from. <The broom! She has snapped the rounded end off the broomstick. This looks like it was cut - she did that with her hands?!> She looked over to the mewling and moaning Akane. <No wonder she wanted someone with fighting experience to guard her.>

She picked up a sack of flour and sneaked past Akane to the door.

Suddenly She heard a rush, tried to turn, but it was too late.

Akane glomped on to her with frightening speed and power. Ukyou's arms were pinned to her side and the sack of flour went flying off towards the door. It hit, and the door slammed shut. Both could hear the door locking with a click.

"Akane, let go!"

"Not right now." Akane had locked Ukyou in an embrace from behind, her head resting on Ukyou's shoulder.

"What do you want?" Ukyou struggled to break free, but with her arms pinned she couldn't get the leverage.

"I can't go on like this. I need someone to help me..."

"I'll see if I can get someone - but you've got to let me go."

"I think you don't understand what I mean." whispered Akane.

Ukyou's eyes widened when she felt Akane's tongue touching the rim of her ear. Akane pressed herself to Ukyou's back as close as possible and continued to trace Ukyou's ear with the tip of her tongue, breathing heavily.

"Akane! What are you doing."

"I won't let any boy near me while I'm like this. But I still need someone to hold..."

"And you suggest I take that place? No way!"

"If you don't help me now, I'll knock you out and go for Ranma. Do you think that anything could prevent our marriage if we meet while I'm in this state? I'm serious."

"That's Blackmail!" Ukyou knew that Akane was right. If Ranma met her now, there was no way he wouldn't end up having sex with Akane. And then their parents would have a handle to force them into marriage with lightning speed.

"I know it's blackmail," said Akane who had begun kissing Ukyou's cheek and neck, "But If I don't get relief soon, I'll go insane."

"What?!" Ukyou turned her head around to face Akane. "You mean you didn't come yet?"

Akane tried to kiss Ukyou on the lips, but Ukyou turned away again. Akane sighed.

"No, I didn't. I think under the influence of this herb it's impossible to reach orgasm on your own."

Ukyou sagged. "All right. I promise to help you - but no tricks, you hear me?"

"Oh, thank you!" Akane exclaimed. She spun Ukyou around and embraced her again from the front before she could clear her head. This time Ukyou's arms were free, though.

For a moment Ukyou considered striking Akane over the head to render her unconscious, but then she noticed something.

Akane was sobbing.

She wasn't sure whether it was relief or something else that prompted Akane to quietly cry on her shoulder, but in that moment it was clear to Ukyou that she would help Akane. <I promised her. I can't let her down now. She needs my help.>

Slowly, a little unsure what to do, Ukyou embraced Akane back and then began stroking the girl's short hair.

After a while Akane stopped her silent sobs and just held Ukyou close to her. When Ukyou felt Akane's arms loosening she pulled out and held Akane before her.

Akane sniffled a bit and her cheeks were wet. "You are really going to help me?"

Ukyou smiled at her. "Yes. We will make something comfortable for you to lie down on from the wheat sacks here and then we'll get this out of your system."

Akane raced over to the wheat sacks and began pulling them to the middle of the room where Ukyou arranged them into something resembling a mattress. When they were done Akane lay down on them and Ukyou brandished the makeshift dildo. Akane shivered in anticipation and spread her legs wide.

Ukyou cowered down between Akane's thighs and eyed her vagina closely as she brought the ersatz penis close to it. She started by stroking the wood along Akane's thighs which made the girl moan loudly.

"Gee, Akane, you worked yourself quite thoroughly." observed Ukyou at the sight of Akane's blood-engorged outer lips that were already spread wide open in anticipation of the intruder.

"Uh-huh", nodded Akane open-mouthed, humping her hips up against the dildo when Ukyou finished a stroking motion at the inner edge of Akane's left thigh. "I'm ready, Ukyou! Put it in already. Don't tease me; I'm horny enough as it is."

"You are," said Ukyou when she spread Akane's petals further with the index and middle finger of her left. The wetness dripping from the girls sex could not be overlooked.

Slowly she brought the rounded tip of the broomstick end towards Akane's entrance and pushed it against the opening. Akane reached down and in one smooth motion pushed it inside herself. Ukyou was a little shocked, but began pumping it in and out now.

"See, I told you -Aaah- that I was ready. Aaahh. I had it in me -Yes!- when you came here, didn't I? Yes, like that!"

"Hey, it's not as if I do this every day. I wanted to make sure I don't hurt you."

Akane raised her head and grinned at Ukyou. "Do you mean to imply -Unnh- that I do this every day?"

Ukyou grinned back. "Hey, what do I know? You live under one roof with Ran-chan - everything is possible."

"Ooooh! That reminds me -Yes!- we'd better learn -Aaah- learn something from this. Do that again! Yes! We will need it if one of us -Aaah- is to marry Ranma!"

Ukyou froze for a moment. "I never thought about it that way..."

"Hey, don't stop! Aaah, thanks! Ahhh! I mean it. That boy -Nnnh- is a cold water magnet! Nnnng! I'd bet he would manage -Aaah- to get splashed on the wedding night right -Yes!- right before climax."

Ukyou giggled. "That would put a damper on things, I can imagine"

"Unless of course -mmmm- one has this little -oooh- little helper handy by the be- bedside."

"That's my broom! I mean was."

"Heh, if you need it -Yay!- need it that much -mmmm- then keep it. We have our o- own brooms at the dojo."

"Why, make fun of me, will you?" teased Ukyou. "I could stop this, you know."

"No! No, please don't stop."

"Don't worry. I just have to rest my arm for a moment. I'll continue with my left." Ukyou changed hands on the handle and resumed pumping the moaning and humping Akane with her left.

Her right hand was completely wet from Akane's gushing fluids and she wiped it off at the front of her tunic. As the cloth went taut over her breasts she noticed that both her nipples were erect and sensitive. The sight of the horny Akane writhing before her begging to be done turned her on, Ukyou realized, and her breasts were reacting.

That gave Ukyou a new idea. She turned the attention of her now free right hand to Akane's breasts that Akane was busy kneading and pressing. Ukyou lightly pinched Akane's left nipple and Akane howled!

Ukyou smiled at the reaction and changed her position to kneeling at Akane's left side so that she could continue pumping the dildo in and out of Akane while gaining easier access to her swollen, sensitive breasts.

Akane lost the power of speech for the next few minutes, until she finally reached out and halted Ukyou's pumping arm.

"Let... let me change... positions"

With a sucking noise the wooden prick slid out of Akane and she turned over onto her stomach. While Akane hoisted herself onto all fours and turned so that her open sex pointed towards Ukyou, Ukyou herself mused over her own feelings.

There was no denying the fact hat she enjoyed what they were doing. Her nipples were fully erect, her panties rather wet and she caught herself being envious of Akane for hogging the wooden erection.

She sighed and went to work on Akane again. She was surprised to see that the broomstick end went in quite a bit deeper from this position.

For ten minutes all that Akane uttered were unintelligible moans, sighs and purrs. Then she gasped "This is so good! I needed that all along, but I just couldn't reach it on my own. I needed someone to touch me, someone I could hold." She slid away from the dildo in Ukyou's grasp and turned. "Please, Ukyou. Let me hold you."

"But... but... I can't go on with this," she waved the wood, "if you hold me."

"You don't need to." supplied Akane. "Just lie down on me and put your leg between my thighs"

"You are certainly inventive." grinned Ukyou as she put the broom end away and complied with Akane's wishes.

She lay down on the other girl's athletic body - breast to breast, hip to hip - and parted her legs, letting one slide down between Akane's gaping thighs. Immediately Akane began humping up her pelvis, rubbing the furrow of her sex along the cloth of Ukyou's trousered leg.

As Akane began to gasp at the feelings the cloth evoked from the bud of her clitoris, Ukyou couldn't help but notice that her own arousal was being furthered by this position, too. Akane had instinctively raised her leg beneath Ukyou's vagina and Ukyou could feel it through her panties each time Akane humped up to meet her hips. Also the fact that both their breasts were grinding against each other's was doing its share do make Ukyou's breathing ragged.

Akane was whimpering and mewling, her eyes closed, her mouth open. She couldn't see that Ukyou's face tensed, too, and didn't notice that the other girl fell into the rhythm of thrusting and grinding hips.

When finally her climax approached, sending shivers through Akane's body to announce its impending explosion, Akane arched her back and pressed Ukyou hard to herself.

"Oh, Ukyou, I'm... Nnnnnyaaaaaahhh!"

Her hips shot up and she pressed her crotch against Ukyou's as her juices flowed freely, dripping onto the wheat sacks beneath and wetting Ukyou's already slippery trousers.

She slumped a little, breathing hard. That was when she noticed that Ukyou hadn't stopped moving. She opened her eyes.

Ukyou, eyes screwed shut, a look of concentration on her face, was still rubbing her crotch up and down Akane's thigh. Only a few moments later a squeal of joy came from her lips as Ukyou, too, came.

Akane smiled and pulled Ukyou down in another embrace. Both purred basking in the warm afterglow, united by their shared experience.

Akane stroked Ukyou's back down to her buttocks which she massaged, making Ukyou moan weakly. There she felt the massive wet spot soiling Ukyou's trousers - their combined love fluids.

"We'd better get you out of these wet clothes." said Akane.

Ukyou didn't move a muscle, but she answered "You haven't got enough yet?" He speech was a little hampered by the fact that her face was buried in Akane's shoulder.

Akane stretched underneath Ukyou, making a sound like a cat.

"I'm still horny as hell. I just don't feel that I'm about to lose my mind anymore."

"Sounds bad enough to me." said Ukyou and pushed herself up to look Akane in the face. Her eyes twinkled. "Back to work."


When Konatsu came to look for Ukyou and the flour he opened the door and found a) a sack of flour right in front of the door and b) Ukyou and Akane lying inverted upon each other busily lapping at the nectar that was flowing from each other's flower. He silently picked up the flour and went back to the restaurant. Ukyou never heard a word from him about it, but she noticed in the following weeks that he was cross-dressing and acting female with increased fervor again.

<Strange>, she wondered, <I thought he was finally thinking of himself as a man.>

Ranma never figured out why Akane seemed to blush and get self-conscious every time she accidentally saw him naked or half-naked in girl form.

<She's been acting this strange for three weeks, now.> he thought. <Well, at least she seems to be getting along better with Ukyou these days...>

That's all folks.

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