Author's notes


Female Fiancées' Fun

As is usual for lemons, I got quite a bit of feedback on this one.

The #1 comment was that The title could be written as F³, which is the title of a lemony-fresh anime, that has no other similarity than the alliterative title. Oh well, I should have known better than to give in to alliteration.

Also, a few people asked me, why I didn't take the lemon scene further - it just seemed to be getting interesting. The reason is that, despite this being a lemon, I was more interested in the impact of the sex on the characters, than in the sex itself. My main goal was to show two turning points for Ukyou. The first, when she has the chance to strike Akane unconscious, but decides not to. She helps Akane of her own free will, not because she was blackmailed. The second point is at the end of the lemon scene, when Ukyou goes from clinically masturbating Akane and receiving "accidental" pleasure, to actively participating in the giving and taking of pleasure that is called Making Love.

And finally, someone asked me, if the last sentence meant that Akane and Ukyou now had a lesbian relationship. Ooops! That's not what I meant. The sentence meant just what it said - Akane and Ukyou are getting along better, because of their shared experience. One homosexual encounter does not make you homosexual automatically.

Ukyou just filed the incident under "interesting experience", and that's that. Akane is on the one hand a bit ashamed of what they did (that's why she's blushing over the female Ranma) but on the other hand, she's glad that it was Ukyou and not some boy - because "With a girl it doesn't really count." :)


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