Gotta Wonder

Sometimes Nabiki makes me curious. I mean, it's not like it's obvious, or conclusive or anything. But sometimes I just gotta wonder.

For example there is the way I arrived at the Doujou. Ojisan pressed me to his chest, as if I was his long lost kid or something, until he noticed something was wrong. So he holds me in front of him, and up pops Nabiki. First thing I ever got from her was her hands poking at my breasts. Yeah, of course - she was just making sure, but on the other hand the breasts were rather obvious, even without having to feel them. And just a few minutes later she did it again.

The only other time I remember was when Jijii tried to force Akane's bra onto me and it was even tighter than before, so Nabiki got the idea I had... expanded. She could have taken a tape measure or something like that - but instead she grabbed my breasts and squeezed and felt them before declaring the verdict.

That's really the only occasions that I can remember, but there are other things. I don't want to recall how often she had me pose in lingerie or naked for her photoshoots to pay off my debts. I thought she was selling the stuff to Kunou or something, but when I got hold of his top secret album of "Osage No Onna" photos, none of those were in there. Yet, when she suggested fighting rumours with rumours, she had one of them right at hand.

As I said, none of this stuff is conclusive or anythin' but I gotta wonder... When she so eagerly shoved me off to Akane at the beginning - was it because I am half girl... or because I'm only half girl?

Author's notes

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