Ranko ½ is a fanfic series that is set in an "alternative universe". One thing right up front: this story is pretty close to the original manga at almost all times. Some people like that, some people don't, but that's the way I write it and will continue to write. This series is written expressly for the purpose of playing around with the settings and characters of the source - if I have an original idea, I make a separate fic out of it. Volume 1 is the closest to the source, since there I tried to follow the story and change only things that are directly influenced by the fundamental alterations. Volume 2 and later depart from that, but still pick up storylines from the original Manga and turn them around or upside down. :)

The Premise:

[Ranko] Saotome Genma announces by Postcard that soon he will arrive at the Tendou Dojo with his son Ranma to fulfill his promise of marrying Ranma to one of Tendou Souun's daughters. But when the future fiancé of the Tendou girls arrives he seems a little pensive and shy. When the youngest daughter, Akane, walks in on him in the bath it is revealed that "Ranma" is really a girl named Ranko.

She was turned male by the famous cursed springs of Jusenkyou - thrown in by her own father. Genma explains that he did this to make Ranko marriable to the Tendou girls and their father Souun agrees! So Ranko is engaged to the boy-hating Akane - much to their dismay.

Akane's arguments that the magical body alteration does not change the fact that Ranko was born and grew up as a girl are waved away by the fathers as Genma explains that Ranko was "brought up as a boy" by him. So there's no problem - to the fathers.

To Genma throwing Ranko into the cursed spring was only the finishing touch. Too bad that he mistook the fact that the curses are permanent to mean that the change was permanent. But a nice hot bath can change everything...

Finished parts:

Notice: There are more finished parts available, but I haven't gotten around to marking them up and putting them here. Also some of the older parts have seen minor changes, that are not reflected here. The text files of Volumes 1-3 further down this page are the newest available versions. Check them out, until I can scrounge up the time to do a major overhaul of these pages.

Volume 1: The New Boy

Volume 2: Love Relations

Volume 3: Mothers

The Volumes in text format (Latin1):


The series _Ranma ½_ and its characters, on which this work is based, are copyright © by Takahashi Rumiko. The text also draws on the English adaptation of above series, copyright © by Viz Entertainment.

Both infringements are perpetrated in the full knowledge that the above parties can now legally sue my pants off.

I, the author, hope that this works is seen as what it was meant to be: a tribute to what I consider to be one of the best manga series in existence.

I wish to thank everybody who reads this for their time. You make me very happy. Also thanks to everybody on the Fanfic Mailing List, who commented on the installments, as I sent them there - particularly Zen, my #1 reader. :)

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