A Ranma ½ Filk Song


(Sung to the Tune of _Dandy_ by The Kinks)

Panties. Panties!
Hangin' on the clothes lines;
Hiding in the drawers.
All the underwear!
I'm chasing all the girls.
I can't resist their lure.
O-oh, I long for their...

Panties. Panties!
I like to jump nice ladies.
Tickling their fannies.
I'd even walk through fire,
To feed my own desire.
I'd run right into Hell.
O-oh, I long for...

Panties. Panties!
I'm breaking in through back doors;
climbing in through windows.
While no-one looks my way,
I'll steal a negligé
and take it out to play.
O-oh, I need those...
Panties. Panties!

Oh Panties, why do you have to be so fine?
Panties! I simply have to make you mine.
Addiction! I must hunt all the panties down.
And though I'm old and gray, I can still take what I require.
A bra is fine, a panty's great. They all meet my desires.

Oh, Panties. Panties!
I will never give up.
Though I'm getting old now.
I'll always set them free.
I need no sympathy.
A pervert I will stay.
With panties I'm all right!
I'm all right!
I'm all right!
I'm all right!
I'm all right!
I'm all right!

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