Author's notes


This one was written at the beginning of a lengthy discussion about authors in their own stories. I thought that all those wish-fulfilling fantasies seemed so alike, so we might as well have a fill-in-the-blank version, so that none have to be written anymore. :)

Since then I have thought a good deal more about the subject. There are, I admit, self-insertion fics that do not fall into this category and even the wish-fulfillment stories are not bad per se. It is just that those authors who unreflectedly succumb to wish-fulfillment are also most likely to bore their audience by writing only their own fantasies and daydreams - and who wants to read someone elses wishes come true? (Especially when these tend to be simple power fantasies) Some authors have managed to avoid this and grab their readers interest with well-crafted stories and believable characters. Twister (Darren Steffler), for example, seems to have this pretty much nailed down.

See my essay on Mary-Sue-ism for more on this topic.


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