Author's notes


Weak Excuse

This piece is an alternative ending to the "weakness cautery point" storyline (or possibly "Hiryuu Shouten Ha storyline") that runs in volume 13 and 14 of the Ranma ½ manga. I'm not sure what numbers the Viz translations have.

The ending of that storyline struck a strange chord within me. It was the first time that I saw Ranma give up. Because that's what he was doing when he thanked everybody for their help and left. Trying to run away after a defeat like this was, of course, not very mature, but it still moved me. Of course, Ranma couldn't really be defeated in the original manga, but I couldn't keep from thinking about what would have happened if the last piece of the map was really lost.

Since I never saw the Viz version, the dialogue up to Ranma's departure was based on the original Japanese with some educated guesswork and the help of a dictionary. Quite a bit of it is made up from whole cloth, though.


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