Author's notes


The Understudy

This one came about for two reasons. One, a lot of authors pair off Ranma with Akane and Shampoo with Mousse, but for some reason the Ukyou-Konatsu pairing is seen as unlikely or even impossible. I've got to wonder why. Because he's a cross-dresser? Geez, so's Ukyou, or was for the greatest part of her life.

The second reason is that I had to think about Ranma's assessment of the "Three Fiancées" situation. I mean, we know he'll end up with Akane, but does he know this? Is he aware of how much he loves Akane or does he really think that there is still some kind of contest between these three girls? Personally I believe that he knows, but he would never admit it. This fic plays out the possibility that he doesn't know and really thinks that there will be some kind of hard decision for him in the future.


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