All I no about wrighting English I learned on the Internet!

Riting proper English is easy! Just follow these ten rule's:

  1. Always right the first word that sort've sound's like what you wont to say! If it sound's the same it mean's the same! And their's two many confusing word's in the English language any weigh!
  2. When a word end's with an "s", it need's an apostrophe!
  3. If you think a word exist's, then it's a proper word, irregardless of weather it can be found in any dictionary!
  4. Their's no need to proofread what you wright; that's what the spell-czech is four. If Outlook Express say's your latter is write, than it IS rite!
  5. When people use wrong spelling's like "colour" or "centre", you heave to correct them at once. The Internet is an American network, and any foreigner's should learn to wright proper English before their aloud on it!
  6. Their's know difference between the verb's "lie, lay, lain" and "Lay, laid, laid", so you can use any of the form's to mien any of the other's!
  7. Anything is proper usage if ewe herd someone else use it first!
  8. Don't loose thyme trying to keep polite! Just add a smiley ore an "IMHO", than nobody can come plane!
  9. Anything is batter with an exclamation mark! Or TOO!!
  10. If people criticize you're spelling, flame them! There just envious because your smarter than their. They should be greatfull four you're good example, not try to censer hew!

And finally, even if you do something wrong, don't worry! If enough people get it wrong often enough, then it automatically becomes RITE!

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