"Akane always does..."

An attempt at settling the endless character debates

Everybody knows the endless character debates about "Who's Ranma's Best Girl?" or "Tarou: Noble Martial Arts God or Selfish Bastard?" and especially "Is Akane a Demon from Hell or Amaterasu Incarnate?". I'm always amazed at some of the claims made about Akane's character by both sides of the debate - usually based on a single instance of her acting in a certain way, followed by leaping to some very tall conclusions about her. The manga is 38 volumes long and it seems to me that any conclusions about the characters in it can't be valid unless they analyse the whole of it and look for obvious and consistent trends, rather than taking single instances that happen to fit one's prejudices.

Unfortunately, during a discussion it's rarely possible to sift through these 38 volumes for instances that support one's interpretation, and even if one already knows them, they are often hard to locate in the middle of so many stories. Therefore I have gone through the entire manga, chapter by chapter, and listed every instance of Akane actively opposing or supporting Ranma, all indexed by stories with references to the exact volume and part numbers of the story. This should make giving exact references much easier for anyone on either side of the debate.

This is not a list of their quarrels and fights - such a list already exists at The Ranma FAQ. And if I listed all those, I would, for fairness' sake, have to list all instances of Akane being friendly with Ranma, such as rushing to his side when he's injured or rooting for him in a fight - and I'm not saddling myself with that much work!

I know that I'm biased pro-Akane, and I'm sure that influenced my classification of events in the lists below. Therefore I ask all readers to send me their opinions and corrections. If I left out an important clash between Ranma and Akane, tell me! If I included a too weak example of Akane supporting Ranma, tell me that, too! This page is not supposed to be my argument in favour of Akane - it's supposed to be a resource for people who want to support their arguments with facts, rather than volume.

Lastly, please do not send me examples from the Anime, since I often cannot verify them, and mixing two different sources would only muddle the issue. Make your own list instead - I'm rather certain it would prove that the Anime characters are very different from the manga ones.

All Stories

The grouping and numbering of parts is taken from the Ranma 1/2 Memorial Book. Entries are marked according to Akane's actions taken in the story. "++" signifies an instance of Akane supporting Ranma and is linked to the corresponding entry in the table listing them. "--", conversely, signifies an instance of Akane actively opposing Ranma and is linked likewise. "-" refers to a story, where a conflict between the two takes place, which does not include Akane taking action to interfere with Ranma's goals. An "X" marks a story in which Akane does not appear, or only appears as an insignificant background character.
1IntroductionBook 1 Parts 1-2
2Kunou and the two RanmasBook 1 Parts 3 - 7 ++
3Akane & Dr. ToufuuBook 1 Part 8 - Book 2 Part 1 ++
4Ryouga ArrivesBook 2 Parts 2 - 8
5Kodachi's IntroductionBook 9 Part 9 - Book 3 Part 5 ++
6The Golden PairBook 3 Part 6 - Book 4 Part 4 ++
7Shampoo's IntroductionBook 4 Parts 5 - 10 ++ --
8The NekokenBook 5 Parts 1 - 5
9Mousse's IntroductionBook 6 Parts 6 - 9 ++
10The Phoenix PillBook 5 Part 10 - Book 6 Part 3 ++ --
11The Bakusai TenketsuBook 6 Parts 4 - 8 ++
12Martial Tea CeremonyBook 6 Parts 9 - 11 ++
13The Take-out RaceBook 7 Parts 1 - 4 ++ --
14Happousai's IntroductionBook 7 Parts 5 - 11 ++
15The Dojo DestroyerBook 8 Parts 1 - 4 ++
16Romeo and JulietBook 8 Parts 5 - 8 ++
17The Japanese NannichuanBook 8 Parts 9 - 11 --
18Akane's Cookies & Kodachi's photoBook 9 Parts 1 - 4 ++ -
19Ukyou's IntroductionBook 9 Parts 5 - 7 --
20Akane Dates RyougaBook 9 Parts 8 - 11 -
21The Love PillsBook 10 Parts 1 - 4
22Mousse's ReturnBook 10 Parts 5 - 8
23Tsubasa's AppearanceBook 10 Parts 9 - 11 ++
24Shirokuro's PuppiesBook 11 Parts 1 - 3 --
25The HappoudaikarinBook 11 Parts 4 - 6 ++
26The Post-hypnotic MushroomsBook 11 Parts 7 - 8 -
27The Super-strength SobaBook 11 Parts 9 - 11 --
28Principal Kunou's IntroductionBook 12 Parts 1 - 6 ++
29The Waterproof SoapBook 12 Parts 7 - 11 --
30The Hiryuu Shouten HaBook 13 Part 1 - Book 14 Part 1 ++
31The Bakeneko's bellBook 14 Parts 2 - 3
32Akane's Swimming LessonBook 14 Parts 4 - 5
33Lazy YotarouBook 14 Part 6 X
34The Ink Sign of PowerBook 14 Parts 7 - 10
35Happousai as SantaBook 14 Part 11
36Kunou's Wishing SwordBook 15 Parts 1 - 3
37The Gambling KingBook 15 Parts 4 - 7 ++
38The Dragon WhiskerBook 15 Parts 8 - 11 ++
39The Onsen RaceBook 16 Parts 1 - 7 ++ --
40Picolette Jardin's ChallengeBook 16 Part 8 - Book 17 Part 4 ++
41Nabiki's EngagementBook 17 Parts 5 - 10 -
42The Panda SpiritBook 17 Part 11
43Pansuto Tarou's IntroductionBook 18 Parts 1 - 11 ++
44Kunou's Watermelon TechniqueBook 19 Parts 1 - 3 ++
45Ukyou's Secret SauceBook 19 Parts 4 - 8 ++ -
46Happousai's ReturnBook 19 Part 9 X
47The Magic Paper DollsBook 19 Part 10
48The Magnetic Student/Master BondBook 19 Part 11 ++
49The Shishi Houkou DanBook 20 Parts 1 - 6
50The Bakeneko's BrideBook 20 Parts 7 - 8 ++ --
51The Old Man's SpiritBook 20 Part 9
52Kodachi's Embarrassing PhotosBook 20 Parts 10 - 11
53The "Cradle of Hell" TechniqueBook 21 Parts 1 - 3
54The Magic Sakura-mochiBook 21 Parts 4 - 6
55Cheerleader MarikoBook 21 Part 7 - Book 22 Part 1 ++
56Nodoka's IntroductionBook 22 Parts 2 - 6 ++
57The Reversal JewelBook 22 Parts 7 - 10 ++
58The Ghost's BloomersBook 22 Part 11
59Pansuto Tarou's Twin WaterBook 23 Parts 1 - 4 ++
60The Heron Island OnsenBook 23 Parts 5 - 6 X
61Ranma and Akane's Cooking ContestBook 23 Part 7 --
62The Koi Fishing RodBook 23 Parts 8 - 10 ++
63Gosunkugi's HardsuitBook 23 Part 11
64Herb and the ChiisuitonBook 24 Part 1 - Book 25 Part 2
65Miss Hinako's IntroductionBook 25 Parts 3 - 9 --
66The Yamatano Orochi of RyuugenzawaBook 25 Part 10 - Book 26 Part 11 ++ --
67Miss Hinako Loves SouunBook 27 Parts 1 - 3
68The Invincible GlassesBook 27 Parts 4 - 6 ++
69The Haunted SwimsuitBook 27 Parts 7 - 8 ++
70The Couple-splitting CaveBook 27 Parts 9 - 10
71The Fight for the Report CardsBook 27 Part 11
72Umisenken and YamasenkenBook 28 Parts 1 - 10 ++
73Ranma's TearsBook 28 Part 11
74Kunou's PhoenixBook 29 Parts 1 - 2
75Rink and PinkBook 29 Parts 3 - 7 ++
76The Possessing OniBook 29 Part 8
77Nabiki vs. Kasha'ou KinnosukeBook 29 Parts 9 - 11
78Akari's IntroductionBook 30 Parts 1 - 3
79The Angry Hair RestorerBook 30 Part 4
80Hinako-sensei's Power-upBook 30 Parts 5 - 6
81Kunou's Cursed Cherry TreeBook 30 Part 7 ++
82Ranma's ColdBook 30 Parts 8 - 10 ++
83The Cursed SpatulaBook 30 Part 11 ++
84Rakkyousai's AppearanceBook 31 Parts 1 - 3
85Ryouga's Guest DilemmaBook 31 Parts 4 - 5
86The Love UmbrellaBook 31 Part 6 ++
87Akane and Hinako at the PoolBook 31 Part 7
88The Legendary NoodleBook 31 Part 8 X
89The Cursed DollBook 31 Parts 9 - 10
90The Aloha VirusBook 31 Part 11 ++
91The Secret of Ashura's PowerBook 32 Parts 1 - 5
92Asuka the White LilyBook 32 Parts 6 - 7 ++
93The Legendary DougiBook 32 Parts 8 - 11 ++ --
94Nurse RanmaBook 33 Part 1 X
95Angry KasumiBook 33 Part 2 ++ --
96The Age MushroomsBook 33 Parts 3 - 5 ++ --
97Mousse's Date with JizouBook 33 Parts 6 - 7
98The Spirit HorseBook 33 Part 8 ++
99Nodoka at the Mountain OnsenBook 33 Part 9 X
100Ukyou's Masked RivalBook 33 Parts 10 - 11 ++
101The TeppoumameBook 34 Part 1 ++
102Valentine's DayBook 34 Part 2
103Principal Kunou vs. Ranma & HinakoBook 34 Parts 3 - 4
104Ranma's Proof of ManlinessBook 34 Parts 5 - 9 ++
105Akane's DreamsBook 34 Part 10
106The Three-year Smiling DeathBook 34 Part 11
107Ranma's Mirror CopyBook 35 Parts 1 - 4 ++
108Ranma Faces Nabiki's WrathBook 35 Part 5 X
109Konatsu's IntroductionBook 35 Parts 6 - 10 ++
110The Bamboo CharmsBook 35 Part 11
111The Jellyfish KingBook 36 Part 1 --
112Ryouga's Date with AkariBook 36 Part 2 ++
113Ranma and Nodoka ReunitedBook 36 Parts 3 - 7 ++
114A Ring for Akane?Book 36 Parts 8 - 10
115Running Ucchan's OkonomiyakiBook 36 Part 11 ++
116The Battle of Phoenix MountainBook 37 Part 1 - Book 38 Part 11 ++

Akane Supporting Ranma

Instances where Ranma has a goal to achieve or a fight to win or is in danger, and Akane acts to help Ranma in this. Not listed are instances of Akane being clearly on Ranma's side but not actively contributing, nor instances of Akane simply being friendly to Ranma. Not all attempts at helping Ranma actually do any good, and some do, in fact, turn out to be detrimental (cooking for him on a training trip). Others are questionable in their motivation - for example, she fought the Doujou Destroyer alone mainly out of stubborn pride, and she helped him with the "secret sauce" promise because she didn't want to lose him to Ukyou. Motivation, however, is rarely explicit and often in the eye of the beholder; most importantly, though, it is not relevant for this list. I repeat: this is a list of deliberate actions Akane takes to help or support Ranma - what you make of her reasons and what conclusions you draw is entirely up to you.
2 ↥upBrings hot water to Ranma, after he fell into the pool. She distracts Kunou to buy him time to use it. Carries Ranma home, from Dr. Touufuu's.
3 ↥upWarns Ranma of Ryouga's strength.
5 ↥upIntervenes in Kodachi's attempts to disable Ranma before the fight, and intervenes in the fight, keeping his curse from being revealed.
6 ↥upTries to teach Ranma to skate.
7 ↥upIntervenes in Shampoo's attempts to kill girl Ranma
9 ↥upSupports Ranma in his fight with Mousse (clothes, hot water)
10 ↥upDouses Ranma with cold water, when he falls into the "hot lake". Attempts to come to Ranma's aid in the ocean. Helps Ranma deliberately trigger the catfist. Soothes Ranma, while he is in the catfist.
11 ↥upKeeps camp for Ranma and Genma, while they train.
12 ↥upTries to stop Ranma's kidnapping, then comes to rescue him. Saves Ranma's life, when Sentarou tries to kill him, while he's helpless.
13 ↥upStops to help Ranma when he's about to go into the nekoken - despite being a competitor in the same race.
14 ↥upGets Happousai to reveal himself in the bath-house fight. Goes out in the cold to bring Ranma food, when he is thrown out of the house by the fathers. Applies girl-deterrent scent to Happousai's robe for Ranma. Brings Ranma hot water, when he is affected by the scent in girl form.
15 ↥upAkane faces the Dojo Destroyer alone, to allow Ranma to go on a date with Shampoo for his "cure".
16 ↥upIntervenes when Kunou is about to molest the helpless Ranma - despite Ranma's part in turning the play into a farce.
18 ↥upFrees Ranma from the memory metal belt.
23 ↥upTries to talk Tsubasa out of "her" affection for female Ranma.
25 ↥upHelps Ranma trap Happousai.
28 ↥upIntervenes, when Principal Kunou is about to cut Ranma's pigtail. Knocks out Kunou, when his fight with his father endangers Ranma.
30 ↥upAttacks Happousai for using the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion on Ranma. Goes after Ranma to support him, when he attempts to find a cure for the moxibustion. Helps him learn the spiral step of the Hiryuu Shouten Ha. Attempts to find a way around her inability to attack Ranma with real aggression (necessary for hot ki) - despite the fact that success would have meant being on the receiving end of a Hiryuu Shouten Ha. Risks her life by diving into a giant Hiryuu Shouten Ha after the moxibustion map.
37 ↥upHelps Ranma train card games, together with Ukyou. Interferes in the Gambling King's attempts to cheat Ranma.
38 ↥upRetrieves the Dragon whisker, stolen by one of the "niku-men", and helps Ranma with his out-of-control hair.
39 ↥upDeclines rescue by Helicopter and instead rescues Ranma by herself to continue the onsen race with him. Carries the inebriated Ranma towards the goal.
40 ↥upGives Ranma digestive aid pills. Takes work as a maid at Jardin mansion to help Ranma and sneaks him food. Pours cold water over Ranma, when the steel corset threatens to crush him. Helps unearth a reference to the Gourmet De Foie Gras technique. Finds the missing pages, detailing the technique and rescues them from the fire.
43 ↥upUpon seeing Ranma in danger on Tarou's booby-trapped battlefield, Akane bursts out of her restraints and fetches hot water for him. She takes Happousai's pantyhose collection away from him, fashions a rope out of them, weights them with a stone and throws them to Ranma, to use as a weapon against Tarou.
44 ↥upAkane travels across the ocean bay to watermelon island to bring Ranma hot water.
45 ↥upPretends to be Ranma's wife and lets him sleep in her room, to enable him to get out of his promise without admitting his guilt in screwing up Ukyou's secret sauce.
48 ↥upAttempts to help Ranma beat Happousai, when the two are stuck together.
50 ↥upHelps Ranma and Mousse save Shampoo from the Bakeneko
55 ↥upGets Ranma a book on combat cheerleading and supports his training. Fights her way to the finals of the kendo tournament and challenges Kunou to support Ranma in his cheerleading fight. Deflects a blow aimed at Ranma from Mariko and attacks her directly, allowing him to recover.
56 ↥upCovers for Ranma when he hides from his mother, then helps Ranma's attempt at meeting her as himself.
57 ↥upAttempts to keep Ranma from being entrapped by Shampoo and Cologne.
59 ↥upThrows hot water on Pantyhose Tarou, turning him back human in mid-fight, as he was just about to squash Ranma. Stops Happousai's Rampage and kicks him back to Ranma, after he got away from him.
62 ↥upInforms Ranma that his infatuation with Ryouga is the result of magic.
66 ↥upRuns straight into the jaws of the Yamatano Orochi to save Ranma.
68 ↥upAttempts to talk Mousse out of using the "invincible spectacles" on Ranma.
69 ↥upHelps searching for "Natsuhiko".
72 ↥upSupports Ranma in his conflict with Kumon Ryuu
75 ↥upEnters Rink & Pink's poison garden to rescue Ranma, who was lured in there by Shampoo's scheme. While falling to the poison of a snake plant, gives the magic charm that would save her life to Ranma, so that he is saved instead.
81 ↥upGoes out to hunt the "demon" who targets pigtailed girls with Ranma.
82 ↥upCovers for Ranma, when he is caught in a compromising situation by Nodoka. Cares for him, when he's burning up with fever. Supports Ranma's decision to meet his mother, despite her reservations.
83 ↥upHelps Ranma in his attempts to get rid of the cursed spatula.
86 ↥upWhen she gets hold of the love umbrella, she tries to destroy it, instead of using it on Ranma, but is foiled by Ukyou.
90 ↥upFights together with Ranma and Ukyou against the boys crazed by the "aloha virus".
92 ↥upHelps Ranma prepare for his date with Kodachi.
93 ↥upStops the Dougi from beating up Ranma, in the fight that he started with it. Accepts his false confession and agrees to put away the Dougi at his request. After the final duel, she never puts on the Dougi again, even though it was repaired, and tells it not to bother Ranma. (see note)
95 ↥upWhen it appears that the "angry Kasumi" is hurting Ranma, she runs to intervene.
96 ↥upCultivates a new batch of mushrooms from the sole surviving one. Hides the mushrooms until they're ready, when it becomes clear that Ranma & Ryouga won't stop screwing around with them. Grows two more mushrooms in secret, so that Ranma & Ryouga won't fight over them.
98 ↥upTries to rescue the unconscious Ranma from the spirit horse with Ukyou.
100 ↥upHelps Ranma get rid of the glued-on mask.
101 ↥upDistracts the Teppoumame with "oni" balloons.
104 ↥upCovers for Ranma in front of Nodoka, even though he barges in on her while she was half-naked - twice. Assists in convincing Nodoka of Ranma's manliness.
107 ↥upSaves Ranma, when the mirror copy is about to take him with her.
109 ↥upFollows Ranma into the woods, because she's worried, and rescues Ukyou, while he fights with Konatsu.
112 ↥upAssists Ranma in getting Ryouga and Akari together.
113 ↥upHelps Ranma hide from Nodoka.
115 ↥upHelps Ranma and Konatsu run Ucchan's.
116 ↥upTurns off the phoenix water tap, saving Ranma from being consumed and getting herself dehydrated. Risks her life to help Ranma in the battle with Saffron, giving him a clear shot.

Akane opposing Ranma

Instances where Ranma wants to achieve something and Akane actively works to stop him or competes with him. Not listed are mere quarrels or misunderstandings between the two. A disagreement about how fat Akane is, how bad her cooking is, or the size of her breasts is not the same thing as fighting a serious duel against Ranma to prevent him from destroying the legendary Dougi. Once more I refer you to the list of Ranma/Akane arguments, if that is what you're looking for. This is a list of Akane taking deliberate action to oppose Ranma, not of her reacting to imaginary and real slights.
7 ↥upTurns Ranma female in front of Shampoo, despite knowing that Shampoo wants to kill the female Ranma.
10 ↥upCompetes against Ranma in a "melon splitting" contest.
13 ↥upCompetes with him in the take-out race.
17 ↥upFights to keep Ranma out of the girls' locker room.
19 ↥upStands by without interfering, as the Fuurinkan girls appear to beat up Genma & Ranma.
24 ↥upAttempts to reveal Ranma's "Yoiko" disguise to Ryouga.
27 ↥upAccidentally eats "Super-strength Soba" and fights against Ranma, because she doesn't want to give up her new strength.
29 ↥upInterferes in Ranma's and Shampoo's attempts to get the waterproof soap back from Ryouga.
39 ↥upFor the first part of the onsen race she teams up with others (Mousse & Ryouga), who are competing with Ranma.
50 ↥upStops Ranma when he is about to kiss Shampoo.
61 ↥upCompetes with Ranma in an impromptu "cooking contest".
65 ↥upInterferes in Ranma's attempts to press the tsubo on Miss Hinako's breast.
66 ↥upSlaps Ranma to prevent him from beating up the mortally ill Shinnosuke. (see note)
93 ↥upRefuses to believe Ranma's heartfelt confession, after her father blabs that Ranma originally set out to seduce her, to make her unable to use the Dougi. Refuses to give up the Dougi and duels with Ranma to prevent him from destroying it. (see note)
95 ↥upDoes not assist Ranma when the other family members tie him up to "sacrifice" him to Kasumi.
96 ↥upTakes Ryouga's mushroom away from Ranma. Stops him hitting the baby Ryouga. Hides the growing Mushrooms, when Ranma & Ryouga wanted to continue to "supervise" them (read: "fight over", "screw around with").
111 ↥upCompetes against Ranma in a "swimming contest".

Other Major Conflicts

Stories that are about a conflict between them - not merely stories that contain temporary quarrels. Some instances are not listed here, because they are already in the table of active opposition.
18 ↥upAkane suspects Ranma of two timing her with Kodachi, due to a faked photo.
20 ↥upGoes on a date with Ryouga, despite Ranma's interference.
26 ↥upHer sisters convince Akane that Ranma will molest her when they are alone - which he does, under the influence of hypnotic mushrooms, causing Akane to assault him savagely. She continues to beat Ranma for hugging Shampoo, even after she got incontrovertible proof that he can't help it.
41 ↥upAkane switches the Engagement to Nabiki.
45 ↥upRanma refuses to admit his guilt in screwing up Ukyou's secret sauce, thereby making himself susceptible to coercion by her.


The Yamatano Orochi of Ryuugenzawa: Akane slapping Ranma to protect Shinnosuke may not seem like much, compared to the beatings she has given him during other quarrels, but this is really a major confrontation. Ranma doesn't know that Shinnosuke is dying - when he attacks the collapsing boy, he thinks he is merely exploiting an opening. And Akane not just interferes in a fight, but for the first time ever sides with his opponent against him. As far as he knows, Akane's slap is the final gesture of rejection, telling him that she has dumped him for Shinnosuke.

The Legendary Dougi: This, along with the "Super-strength Soba" story is often misquoted to support the myth that "Akane always looks for cheap power-ups to get better without working for it". Twice in 38 volumes has Akane received a power-up. Both times it was accidentally, because someone else was trying to get a power-up for himself - Happousai in the first case, and Ranma in the second. Both times Ranma was intensely jealous of Akane's new power, which is, in fact, the point behind them. A "cheap power-up" is the only way for Takahashi to temporarily put Akane on the same level with Ranma; otherwise a serious, non-slapstick confrontation between the two would be impossible, as Ranma proves when he casually humiliates Akane in sparring sessions.

Unlike in the Super-strength Soba story, where her anger at being teased and insulted by Shampoo makes her unwilling to give up the strength, Akane is quite willing to give up the Dougi at Ranma's request, even though she (correctly) suspects that Ranma is jealous of her new power. "It's fine with me," she says, "It's not like I got stronger through working hard... I don't want to fight with you (Ranma) over such an unimportant thing." Only after Souun reveals that Ranma deliberately set out to toy with her emotions, to make her unable to use the Dougi, does she get angry and refuses to acquiesce to his demands or believe his (this time heartfelt) confession of his feelings for her. When Ranma starts a duel with her to destroy the Dougi, she fights back, but in the end she finds out that Ranma was truthful, when he confessed to her, and she gives up the Dougi, even after it is repaired.

How this can be cited as proof that Akane is power-hungry and always looking for shortcuts is beyond me.

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